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Oct 6, 2017

As the industry-leading ground handling training program, NATA Safety 1st is used by over 1,500 companies around the globe. The Safety 1st Learning Management System (LMS) provides all of the features needed for an effective training program and is built to serve a diverse set of businesses. In this episode, our...

Sep 28, 2017

NATA Executive Vice President Bill Deere and Jorge Castro, Founder and Principal of Castro Strategies, LLC, discuss the release of the Trump Administration/Congressional Republican framework for reforming the tax code, its potential impact on aviation businesses and whether the proposal holds the key to finally...

Sep 21, 2017

The NATA Aviation Business Roundtable in Washington, D.C. on November 7th and 8th is the premier event focused on senior aviation leaders — featuring opportunities for executives to tap into a wealth of industry knowledge from business and government policy experts, and is a great networking opportunity. NATA's...

Sep 11, 2017

NATA’s Legislative Affairs Team will brief you on the critical vote on ATC privatization. Find out how we got here, how you can help and the next steps.

Aug 28, 2017

The NATA Ground Handling Safety Symposium is a new annual event developed by the NATA Safety Committee to promote safety at FBOs and other businesses utilizing general aviation ground handling. Find out more about the origin of the event and its theme.

September 26-27 at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, VA